Welcome to
the Freakshow

DegenMutants is a collection of 10,000+ Crazy Mutant like NFTs - unique digital collectibles living on the Shibarium blockchain. ​Your Freaky NFT grants you access to become part of the unique roadmap. Each mutant gets abilities unlike any other NFT on this blockchain.
These NFTs are different. And we don't just mean the art or the look. Special areas. Things to unlock. Events.
Only for the mutant family members.

Fair Distribution

There are no ifs and buts here. Each mutant costs X BONE. No hidden costs or subscriptions. As part of the family, everything costs the same. Everyone is equal here.

Buy a mutant

We will reveal all infos about the mint soon. We will sell them on the Rariblock NFT Marketplace. 

Welcome to the Fam

Each DegenMutant is programmatically randomly generated from over of 400 traits. Whether weapons, legendary items or simply a panda. Each one brings something special with it. All dope and rarer than the previous one.

All ​DegenMutant are stored as ERC-721p tokens on the Shibarium blockchain and hosted via IPFS. We optimized the contract to be as gas-efficient as possible. Now it costs next to nothing to send the NFT.

Special areas that can only be used with special mutants? That sounds pretty crazy.